So, if you're still biting your nails, struggling to make a determination about picking Interior Designing Interior Designing as your prospective career choice, then allow me to tell you, FRET NOT!

Truth be told, it has to come from within yourself and nobody would ever be able to tell you if you do something right or something is just apt for you. A profession like Interior Designing requires a pretty creative and innovative mind combined with some sharp logic to design spaces. So if you think you are someone who can carry it off pretty well, then why not just give your instincts a good try.

But it is quite understood; here we are talking about your career, which has to be taken up rather seriously. And why not! This is the moment, which would rather define your future for you. Either it will make it or break it.

So better be prepared for some real facts about whether Interior Designing is the perfect career choice for you.

Let us begin!

1. Are you obsessed with designing spaces?

Are you someone who constantly loves to spruce up your space in some or the other way, shifting furniture of your house, changing the décor, changing the color schemes time and again?
Do you visit your friends’ or family’s house and feel, “oh why did they put up the sofa there?" or Why should have they chosen the good color scheme for their house?
If you are still wondering about all the minute details of the house Interior, then it is about time you should think of taking Interior Designing up as your career.

2. Thinking out of the box

Maybe you have faced questions such as, “Where do think should I place my wardrobe?" or what ought to be the color scheme of my balcony? and similar questions which prodded you to give your opinion on somebody’s house arrangements?
Has it ever occurred to you that you unknowingly gave out a brilliant idea of designing a space for a friend or family without even considering it much?
Well, such questions are asked only to people who seem to have a clear understanding of their subject at hand. Your passion helps you take a step further by bringing out more innovative and creative ideas on the same.

3. You find inspirations in any forms

Well, many times people throw or discard what seems obsolete or a ramshackle of a space.
But are you someone, who thinks beyond that obsolete structure and already takes your mind through a myriad of possibilities that you could do to that place or thing to turn up into the most artistic and appealing thing?
If so, then you are almost welcome to the world of Interior Designing.

4. You believe mostly in DIYs

Apart from this we also organize state-of-the-art exhibitions at SCMto help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.
Hence the course that we have designed for you will enable you to apply great knowledge combined with creativity to help you fly higher in your career as an Interior designer.

5. You understand the nitty-gritties of Interiors

Things such as fabrics, colors, wall paints, furniture, type of wood, or steel, etc. are of the most important factors to you, and then you might be a person into Interior decoration.

6. You always keep looking for new stuff

Whenever you visit the marketplace or any fancy mall, the first thing you rush to is the home décor section. You try to find as many items that would brighten up your house, quirk it up a little and all of this brings a smile on your face and a divine satisfaction in your heart.
Then truth to be told, Interior Designing is truly for you!
If you think you fit almost all of the points mentioned above, and then what are you waiting for?
All you need is that extra push with a proper and formal education on Interior designing that would help you provide wings to take the highest flight in your career.
SCM is one such institution which truly believes in your dreams and wants you to succeed with flying colors in your careers and that is why they have come up with one of the best Interior Designing courses provided by the eminent industry experts themselves as your training and also providing you with immense International Exposure as well through their “International Student Exchange Program”
All the best!